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Printers are staple machines in offices, businesses and even homes. They come in a variety of types, ranging from the desktop kinds to those that are capable of producing three-dimensional objects. It's important to consider a few things when buying one. Some of them are your budget, the place where it will be used and the kind of printouts you need.

Identify the number of computers that need to have access to such equipment. If you are going to hook it up to only one computer, go for the desktop kind. Also known as a personal printer, it can yield black and white or colored printouts, or sometimes both. Having standard speed and output quality, it is highly suitable for home use.

Something that needs to be connected to different computers at a time should be network-ready. Compared to the desktop variety, it's a better performer. The laser kind is especially preferred by busy offices as it is a fast performer and can churn out high-quality prints. It uses affordable toner cartridges and is known to produce low cost per printed page.

The laser's direct competition is the inkjet machine. Usually a cheaper unit, the main disadvantage is the ink cartridges it requires cost more than the toner. But it's the one to go for if you want to enjoy excellent color reproduction. Such machine is often compact, letting you maximize available space. In terms of maintenance, it's also better.

You can find something that can perform a few other tasks than just printing. This is called an all-in-one printer because it's designed to do two or even more essential office functions. Usually, it can be used to scan, copy, and send and receive fax. Getting an all-in-one unit helps save money compared to purchasing different machines. Also, because you only need to install a single product in the office, it allows you to maximize available space.

A 3D printer is made to create three-dimensional objects, just like what the name reveals. This is commonly installed in companies that are into manufacturing and designing products. It is very helpful in creating prototypes or working models. Some are for desktop use while others are suitable for more spacious areas due to their size.

These days, you will come across a wide range of printers. Not all of them are the same as some are ideal for modern homes while there are also those for busy work environments. If you want to get the most out of the machine, it has to be something that's perfect for your particular needs.

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